If you're ready for less clutter and less stress then you have come to the right place! Many people struggle with managing their things from time to time. I can help you find personalized organizing solutions to make your home more comfortable and functional. So, why wait? Let's get organized! 

Let's Get Organized is a top Buffalo, NY professional organizer on! 

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Hello! I'm Michele Panzer and I am a native of Rochester, New York. I have lived in the Buffalo area for 23 years. I graduated from college with a degree in health education. As an educator, my goal was always to help people improve their quality of life. I'm now combining my education background and my love of organizing to continue that goal.

I love helping people find solutions to make their lives easier and less stressful. I like to be busy and active and I love a challenge. If managing your time, treasures or space has become a struggle, I'd love to help you get organized!


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